LA Times Grand Prix, Riverside 1963

The debut of the King Cobra. Dave MacDonald does a pretty good job with it, don’t you think?

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  1. B McQueen

    “McDonald showing them his dirt track style”

    So much greatness here, I love the power sliding and the wide open cockpits that let you see there’s a real person working on that steering wheel. Its also cool to see the big names in American road course racing all together. Must have been a great soundtrack of motors all weekend.

    I’ve got to practice that dirt track style, see how it works on the road course today.

  2. John McClure

    Ah, those were the days!! It was great watching from the inside of turn 2..

  3. Steve Robbins

    Wow, that’s great stuff. Spectactular field of international racing champions crammed into one race..MacDonald and that beautiful King Cobra really took it to them!

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