Toes on the Track

Usually I’d take this opportunity to once again extoll the virtues of closeness in photography; remark on the shooters standing this close to the track; and bemoan that racing today’s photography may be more colorful, but is certainly less dramatic. But instead I’ll do the unthinkable and just shut up and let these shots of photographers crowding the track speak for themselves.

I would love some sort of web tool that would let me click on these photographers and see their shots of the race.

6 responses to “Toes on the Track”

  1. Kurt O says:

    I have a few shots from close distance, 10 feet or less. But there was always a barrier between me and the car.

  2. rdsieber says:

    At Sebring everything is now behind a barrier or a chain link fence. Great views, not! Oh, and this year you’d get busted if you rode your bicycle in the cold pits!

  3. wes says:

    The good old days when men were men…

  4. Captain Ned says:

    OK, the hairpin at Monaco is pretty safe. The outside of a wet Eau Rouge is suicidal.

    Not sure where the Denny Hulme/McLaren pic is from, but that spot is chancy only if there’s contact pre-corner.

  5. Mike Hayward says:

    The Denny Hulme picture is at Druids Hairpin, Brands Hatch. Great days when the marshalls would wave you across the track during a grand prix. Silverstone was brilliant with just a low wall to rest your arm on as the cars went past a few feet away. I always worked on the principle that centrifugal force would always win…after the wall was removed I have a pic of a saloon spinning onto the infield!

  6. Jeff Downer says:

    You know, it’s amazing in hindsight there were not major incidents involving photographers.

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