Race Commentary from Sir Stirling on the Slot Track

Quite the prize for the slot car championships of 1964. A new Ford Mustang and a $2000 scholarship is enough to make anyone’s slot controller trigger finger itchy.

And let’s cap it with some 60’s slot car tv spots:

Here’s an ad for the Aurora Thunderjet 500 set, 1966

And the 1962 Gilbert Slot Racers (Featuring the new Gilbert “fly-over” Chicane).


One response to “Race Commentary from Sir Stirling on the Slot Track”

  1. Captain Ned says:

    Christmas 1969. I was a month away from turning six. When I got to the bottom of the stairs I beheld the 1/24 slot car layout already set up on the living room floor; the cars were a P-something Ferrari and a Ford J-Car. Family policy was that until Mom & Dad were vertical and caffeinated, children went no further than the last stair. It’s been too long, but I probably ran back upstairs and sat on Dad’s chest until he hauled his ass out of bed.

    That set later went onto a big sheet of plywood and was used near-daily in tests of motoring skill amongst the myriad kids living on my dead-end street. Unfortunately, the cellar’s climate rapidly did it in (killed the train set, too). I haven’t had a slot-car controller in my hand for close to 40 years yet still dream about a “lottery house”, a big room, and personal service from Scalextric.

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