Art Appreciation: Ferrari “Pontoon Fender” 250 Testa Rossa

5 responses to “Art Appreciation: Ferrari “Pontoon Fender” 250 Testa Rossa”

  1. rdsieber says:

    I know people are going to hunt me down on this comment, but this shape looks too cobbled together to be appealing. Almost like two cars collided and fused into one.

  2. Alex says:

    I love picture number 7 in this series, with the See’s candy store in the background. That gives car “117” a better (or worse) reason for crashing.

  3. Edmund says:

    Racer X.

  4. Automobiliac says:

    @rdsieber I wouldn’t waste the time to hunt you down. But I suggest you hunt down a good opthamologist, as your eyes are clearly broken.

  5. Gary Mason says:

    Still one of the most beautiful cars ever built. And the best of Scaglietti.

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