550 Shakedown Run

German carmakers sure have an unfair advantage when it comes to testing a racing prototype. Who needs a test track when you have easy access to the Nürburgring? And why box it up and ship it when you can just take the Autobahn there?

Here’s the Porsche development team testing out at 550 Spyder on the Autobahn in the weeks before the 1954 Mille Miglia. How amazing is that VW “Barn Door” Transporter? Looks to be the same one they used as the support vehicle for the Mille itself.

I have a slot car of that #351 Hermann/Linge Spyder, I’ve always loved that car and the legends that surround it.

via Gmund Brokerage, which is jam-packed with fantastic VW & Porsche info. More on #351 at Type 550.

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  1. Captain Ned says:

    1/24 or 1/32?

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