Iowa’s Greenwood Roadway 8mm

Quite a mixed field in this footage of the Greenwood Roadway shot by 8mm footage shot by the editor of the Record Herald, the late Richard C. White. Interesting that a Lotus 11, Corvette, and Porsche 550 are in the same grid.

The sweeping right hander at about 30 seconds looks terribly fun.

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  1. rdsieber

    Insurance laws and encroaching development killed off so many of these famed tracks. Torrey Pines turned into a golf course, Riverside a housing development. What a pity…

    It is imperative to save what few historic tracks we have left. That means attending races like at the Glen, Lime Rock, etc.

    Support vintage racing!


  2. Bowstring04

    At 17 sec. in that is what appears to be one of the five Grand Sport Corvettes in its early form.

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