Reader Restoration Update: Shane’s Outlaw 356 is Finished, Amazing.

Shane Balkowitsch’s Porsche 356 Outlaw project that we wrote about back in September has returned to the street, and looks set to turn heads everywhere it goes.

When we last checked in on the project, the bodywork and paint were complete—and stunning—but we hadn’t seen much about the performance upgrades that would boost the stock powerplant’s 95hp to an estimated 150hp (dyno test to come later). That’s a pretty substantial upgrade; thanks to a race crank, bigger jugs, and performance cam. Shane’s shared the details (and more shots of the car mixing it up with some modern Ferraris on her maiden voyage) on his project page. It’s a marvelous document of the build, and I hope to one day create something similar myself.

Congratulations again, Shane!

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3 responses to “Reader Restoration Update: Shane’s Outlaw 356 is Finished, Amazing.”

  1. GP says:

    Great story! There are plenty of little things I don’t dig about this build, but it seems the owner loves it and the quality looks very high. Also, the website is easy to navigate with loads of good information. Well done Shane and Bill. Your 356 is where it belongs, on the road. And thanks to the Chicane for bringing stories that inspire…..

  2. Edmund says:

    Congrats! Looks fantastic. Porsches are best dressed in silver I say.

  3. Thanks everyone for all the support and e-mails, this has been a dream come true for me. I am a very lucky guy to be able to pull this off. The car is going to go on a DYNO in the next couple of weeks and then in May it will come back to North Dakota to be at home finally. This is not going to be a trailer queen, this car will be driven as it was meant to be. We have a photoshoot scheduled for the spring at the Badlands for Excellence Magazine, I will keep everyone posted.

    Thanks again for all your kind words and support,
    Shane Balkowitsch

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