Ok. Not EVERYTHING in F1 Has Gotten Worse.

Wolfgang Von Trips passes a Martini Billboard. 1961 Dutch GP

Jessiqa Pace's Martini Billboard Monaco GP 2009

Graphically, I prefer the 1961 version, but everything-else-ly, I prefer the 2009.

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  1. Captain Ned

    No thanks. I’ll take the ’61 version every time, regardless of the model pics. Back then, the lead in Grands Prix actually changed hands out on the road rather than in the pits.

    My dream revision of F1 includes spec cars. Before you groan, those spec cars are new-build first-gen Lotus 49s built to the standards of the day complete with Cosworth DFVs.

    The World Drivers Championship should reward someone who can drive better than his competitors with no artificial help from the car. Slapping everyone in the Lotus 49 cigar would rapidly sort out drivers from pilots.

  2. Ben

    Please explain, 2009? All I see is fences!

  3. rdsieber

    Well: when you think about it, that formula (no pun intended) seems to work in NASCAR.

  4. Jon

    Well, maybe the billboard is more interesting. Not sure what else, though…

  5. Edmund

    Why is there a Marlboro logo on the rear wing in the 2009 photo? I thought tobacco ads were banned long before then. Shouldn’t it be the bar code?

  6. Harlo

    Edmund – I think the tobacco advertising ban varied by country at the time (maybe still?).

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