LA Times GP, Riverside 1963

Earlier this month we saw some video from the event. Now we can see Bill Witcher’s photos from the crowd. It looks like Bill picked out a good spot to capture the action (turn 1?), there’s a lot of passing on this corner and more than a handful of offs.

Rodger Ward keeps it together after a brush with Frank Gardner's Brabham as Richie Ginther passes in his Porsche RS61

Dick Thompson takes to the dirt

King Cobras and a Chaparal

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  1. Edmund says:

    I’m going to lay out a challenge for you. I live in Pensacola Florida and recently learned that there were USRRC races held at Cory Station (Navy Base) in the mid 60’s. I can’t find any photos or programs from the races anywhere online. I understand some interesting cars raced there, including a Porsche powered Lotus 23 and some Shelby Cobras of some sort. Wondeing if you could use your powers to dig up a track map or some photos.

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