Postcards From Spa

Post Card editor must have been one of the easiest jobs to have in the middle of the last century. I can only imagine the scenario that produced the following bounty (uploaded to French auto forum Autodiva by Tarwann). It must have gone something like this:

Post Card Editor: We need photos of Spa!
Intern: Here are some photos of Spa.
Post Card Editor: Good! Print ’em!
Intern: These photos don’t really show any of the racing action. Maybe if we crop in some of these we’ll be able to…
Post Card Editor: No Time! Print ’em!
Intern: But… Shouldn’t we at least color correct them to have normal colors?
Post Car Editor: You’re fired!

2 responses to “Postcards From Spa”

  1. Great atmospheric shots .What a wonderful circuit .Look at those enormous crowds . I have just posted a real close up action shot from Spa on with some comment on the culinary delights of Spa.

  2. Bob Bidmead says:

    Brings back memories. I marshalled the 24 hours there through the 70’s. Malmady Chicane at night – awesome

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