Rodriguez’s Ride – Brands Hatch ’68

What a marvelously composed shot this is of Pedro Rodriguez’s BRM P133 at the 1968 British GP at Brands Hatch. You almost couldn’t plan it better: the balance of the reds between the distinctive BRM nose stripe and the pit crew’s coveralls and gas can; the excellent contrast of the team from the background crowd; the angle of Pedro’s #10 and the orientation of the car’s angle in the frame. The nice prominence of the BRM logo on the nose. If there were such a thing at the time, this shot would make a great advertisement for the team.

Unfortunately for Pedro, the race preparation pictured here might not have been as perfect as he’d have liked. Not only was he stuck in position 13 of the grid that weekend, but engine failure forced him out of the race after 52 laps.

One response to “Rodriguez’s Ride – Brands Hatch ’68”

  1. Edmund says:

    That really is a fantastic shot. I wish the cars still looked this good. They ought to do something about that.

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