Weekend Viewing: 1963 LA Times GP at Riverside

Dave MacDonald and the King Cobra take on a field of superstars (thanks to the race’s enormous purse) that included Jim Clark, Graham Hill, Dan Gurney, Pedro Rodriguez, Bob Bondurant, Foyt, Penske. I think you’ll agree that’s a pretty intimidating field for the young King Cobra.

4 responses to “Weekend Viewing: 1963 LA Times GP at Riverside”

  1. Paul House says:

    Excellent footage, what a driver MacDonald was! Love those King Cobras too.

  2. […] this month we saw some video from the event. Now we can see Bill Witcher’s photos from the crowd. It looks like Bill […]

  3. John McClure says:

    Paul House…..good to see some fans finding these OLD records….they’re still historic to many of us
    John McClure age: 83

  4. Steve Robbins says:

    Wow, nice video. Just beautiful the way MacDonald drove that car. Spectacular field of drivers in that grand prix too. Thanks for sharing

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