$2995 Delivered

Porsche Speedster

New wrap-around windshield

New racing type bucket seats

new transmission mounting

new body styling

100 M.P.H • $2995 Delivered New York • 27 M.P.G.
Years ahead in engineering means miles ahead on the road

The Hoffman Motor Car Company, Inc.
487 Park Avenue, New York City, Tel. PLaza 9-7034

Competition Motors, 1219 Vine St., Hollywood 38, Distributor for California

On request we would be happy to supply descriptive literature on all models, and the name and address of your nearest dealer.

Dealers from coast to coast.

Let me just point out that “new transmission mounting” is listed above “new body styling” in the list of features. That simple fact could practically be a dissertation worth of analysis on the shifting desires of automobile buyers.

6 responses to “$2995 Delivered”

  1. Ted Sodergren says:

    This would be from the same Max Hoffman who decided to take a shot with those silly little boxy “BMW’ unknowns, as I recall. Geez…some guys will never learn.

  2. Jon says:

    I guess back then buyers didn’t care as much about Bluetooth and sat nav.

  3. Robert E. Richer says:

    Let’s not forget that in today’s dollars, that’s $24,000+. Still not a bad deal, however.

  4. […] The first per­son who does the math and points out to me that $2995 in 1962 dol­lars is … hey wait a minute. That’s only $22K in 2010. I want my Porsche Speed­ster! […]

  5. Steven says:

    $24000, sign me up! Oh wait, back in 1962 the average salary was $5556.00. But then again a gallon of gas only cost $0.28


  6. Ken Stutzman says:

    Back in 1956 I ordered a 356A Porsche Speedster, body red with black inside, but with one change, I wanted coupe reclining seats instead of the buckets. It took almost a year for delivery! It was a good investment. By the way, I am 6’6″ tall and I was twenty-two at the time. With the six other cars from sports car club I belonged to we drove from So. Cal. to Calgary, Alberta, Canada and back with no problems. A fun time, unfortunately, Uncle Sam came calling and the Speedster had to go.

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