Pacific Raceways ’63

What a tremendous shame that on-board sound recording wasn’t part of the package with 8mm film cameras. Oh to have the audio of the Cobras, GTOs, and Corvettes; not to mention the Lotuses (Lotii?) and Coopers in the sports racers group. I guess I shouldn’t complain, at least we have the images from this track, which has beaten the odds and is thankfully still with us.

I particularly love the shots starting at about 1:39 of that marvelous series of esses through the forested hills. It makes Seattle look like Nürburg.

Thanks to Matthew from Hell For Motors for pointing us to this video.

One response to “Pacific Raceways ’63”

  1. SSmith says:

    Still looks the same. Nothing better than the 300 foot drop from the frontside to the backside through 3,4,and 5.

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