The Real Championship

Stirling Moss, Dan Gurney, Graham Hill and Jackie Stewart take up their controllers. How great is this?

My favorite thing about this (and there are many) is the second picture. Stirling, Graham, and Jackie all look to be having a terrific time. Gurney is deadly serious. The competitive spirit just never lets up.

I wonder where that trophy is today.

6 responses to “The Real Championship”

  1. Jean-Jacques Renaux says:

    40 years in advance, they had discovered the future of F1.

  2. Rui Braz says:

    Monsieur Renaux, you are absolutely right!

  3. Ben says:

    Jean Jacques, that is a brilliant summary! I think the attitudes of the men might not have been so different, even inside the real cars.

  4. Ryan says:

    I think this is what I read in Hill’s autobiography, “Life at the Limit”. This contest happened twice, with Hill winning both times. He actually thought it compared to real F1 racing a great deal,loved it, and was sad to see it end!

  5. Automobiliac says:

    Yes I also read that book and Hill goes into a lot of detail describing the challenge of driving these slot cars as it compared to GP machines! hahah!

  6. Mike Jacobsen says:

    AH! They did it twice, and these pix prove it, as they were not taken on the same occasion, as they are dressed differently (and not just the removal of coats) plus the Scalextric track appears to be different. MJ

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