If One Belly Tank is Good…

I actually think this whole approach is quite clever. Why not balance the weight of the driver with the engine and fuel tanks? Although I imagine the handling characteristics must change radically as fuel is burned.

Oh for the days when radical experimentation was encouraged.

Via DesignBoom and The Nostaligia Forum

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  1. Jacques Dresang

    It screams of an American Airlines DC-3 in the silver-and-orange livery.

  2. Chris

    Didn’t Taruffi get blown off the road (literally) driving this car?

  3. Ben

    One of the TARF cars is down here in Australia – with Dino power, but I dont know how it fits into the timeline. I was always under the impression it was tarf 2, but your caption says that its Maserati powered…

  4. Automobiliac

    That car must have had the torsional rigidity of a liferaft.

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