1:8 908

When I look through the images of Simon Dagless’ incredible scratch-build Porsche 908 model, I can’t help but wonder, “how much more effort would a 1:1 scale version be?”. It’s a truly astounding project; so amazing, in fact, that I’m linking over to his project discussion on Automotive Forums before it’s complete. Once it’s finished, it’ll be nice to see the photos of the finished product, but I think seeing it slowly take form over time is the greater joy. We’re over a year into the project, which just demonstrates that Simon’s patience is far greater than mine. I’m usually skipping through to the water-slide decals in the kit before I’ve even finished assembly.

Here’s a few more photos. It’s almost easier to believe that a giant is holding real Porsche 908 parts. Click on over for the in-progress build discussion.

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