Track Map of the Past: LeMans ’55

Approximate translation: The facilities at the circuit Le Mans (13 km long) are improving year by year. The organizers have planned this time new facilities in the village, creating a tunnel 10 meters wide giving access on the road from Tours, speakers, fueling and a new garage for 2,000 cars. The Mulsanne Straight (which allows higher speeds) was also the subject of complete refurbishment.

(Feel free to correct my translation—this was mostly Google Translate)

4 responses to “Track Map of the Past: LeMans ’55”

  1. Rui says:

    It was the Hunaudiéres straight who was refurbished, not Mulsanne, which is a right turn, at the end of the said straight. 🙂

  2. M Needforspeed says:

    yes, when this bad habit to call the mulsanne straight..instead, it should be called ” THE HUNAUDIERES STRAIGHT” .

  3. Mike Jacobsen says:

    True. Nonetheless, even the drivers call it the Mulsanne straight and everyone has since at least the first post-war event.

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