60s and 70s Racing Home Movie Nirvana

Gary from Deans Garage wrote in to share this treasure chest of his collected 8mm films he shot of CanAm, Trans Am, Formula 5000, NASCAR, and USRRC racing. Looks like Gary did some traveling at the time because there’s footage here from Riverside, Mid-Ohio, Ontario Motor Speedway, Vegas’ Stardust track, and Fontana. There’s nearly an hour of footage here accompanied by a variety of fantastic audio as well.

There’s just an amazing wealth of stuff here. Thanks Gary!

2 responses to “60s and 70s Racing Home Movie Nirvana”

  1. Richard Ingham(Ratchet) says:

    Thank you Gary for sharing your wonderful video!!!
    Thank you Chicane for making it available for us to watch!!

  2. Timothy says:

    The video is amazing but the audio (at about 27 mins in or so) if of the BRM V16 from a much earlier era. It is probably the most beautiful and yet demonic sound of any race engine that I have ever known of. Not being critical of him using this audio but it is certainly not a much lower RPM V8 of the can am era. In case anyone cares it is from the audio CD that the Nick Mason of Pink Floyd made some years ago. It is great and worth posting in some way if legal. Love your site.

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