Factories at Work: Reventlow Automobiles

Ok, maybe I’m being overly generous calling it a “factory”, but I’ve not seen this shot of the Reventlow Automobiles workshop showing a pair of Scarabs under construction. Life magazine photographer Bill Bridges captured this shot in October 1958. Chassis #001 had already been racking up victories since February of that year, but Numbers 002 and 003, although they would have both had their debut races by October, might still have been in development. Is this Scarab #002 and #003 we’re looking at here? What a treat it must have been to be hanging out with the boys that afternoon.

I’m not enough of a trainspotter to be able to identify the individuals in the shot here, let us know in the comments if you have a better eye than I do.

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  1. Phil Pausmer says:

    Likely Phil Temington, Tom Barnes and Dick Troutman are in that mix.

  2. Michael Morgan says:

    Cool picture…..I remember when the team was disbanded. An ad appeared in Autoweek (I think), I was in high school and so I responded to the ad. They wanted $25,000 for all the cars and engines. The transporter was extra. It’s a shame I was on about 15 years old…I would have done it. Those were the most beautiful front engine cars ever…


  3. Richard Reventlow says:

    In that photo LHD car #001 in front a RHD car
    In back.
    Long distance fuel tanks for Riverside ’58.
    Men: L to R Emil Diedt, Dick Troutman
    back to camera, Tom Barnes.
    Not sure who is leaning on car.

  4. Mike Teske says:

    I am preparing a Phil Remington tribute articel for a club magazine. Would love to include some photos like this from inside the RAI shop on Princeton Avenue. Anyone willing to share a couple? Thanks for any help to honor a great guy (and personal friend)

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