Clark Takes a Drive Through Bologna

Matt at Hell For Motors hipped us to this marvelous clip of Clark at Imola. The lack of audio is heartbreaking, but you’ll make it through somehow.

A local commenter on YouTube points out what should be obvious, but always seems to be overlooked: How startlingly different from the modern Imola this is—which has just undergone another round of updates in the past few years. Much more like a drive in the country than the contemporary, sterile, track. When does the movement to backdate racetracks start? Where can I sign up to help?

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  1. Automobiliac

    Great video! I agree with you, it’s amazing to see how much Imola has changed…But some of the buildings you see in the background are totally still there today! Imola is really a great track. It’s a shame it keeps getting further ruined each year.

  2. nigel

    This video is part of the John Tate Gentlemans Racing Diary, where his son narrates the information of the day. Fantastic record of how things were.

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