A GTO, a Cobra, No Big Whoop.

Sound engineer turned Ferrari restorer Tom Yang visited Monticello Motor Club with his friends Jim and Sandy. Tom says, “Jim and Sandy prepared to do some exploratory laps in their cars. We were surrounded by modern GT3 Porsches, and some newer street cars taking their laps around the track, but when the GTO and Cobra were unloaded from the transporter, people stopped to watch!”

I should hope so. Shall we take a lap in the GTO? Probably.

More photos (in heartbreakingly small sizes) at Tom Yang’s Ferrari Restoration (careful or you’ll lose a few hours digging through his archives).

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  1. PieterA

    The clicking of the gearbox alone is pure magic! Thanks for this vid.

  2. Dave Reid

    Did I just die and go to heaven?

  3. Automobiliac

    I love the line “It was starting to feel good. that’s why I came in!” hahah

  4. Stephen Mitchell

    Very nice! This is exactly what it sounded like driving down Sunset Boulevard to the beach! 🙂

  5. Paul House

    Fantastic, hope we get to see the Cobra too.

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