Remarkable Photo Collection from the ’59 LeMans

This astounding collection of photos from Ten-Tenths member Navyflier is well worth digging through the thread to take it all in. What remarkable shots! What excellent access to the pits and paddock! What atmosphere! It’s shots like these that anyone can use to justify their obsession with historic motorsport to their well-meaning and concerned friends. They worry about us. But a glimpse of these images should help them understand.

These are just the tip of the iceberg: more at Ten-Tenths

Here's something that just couldn't happen today. The Hurrell/North team discovered that their Saab's fuel tank wasn't large enough for the race so they swapped out the tank from their street A40 Austin, which necessitated punching a hole in the body work to accommodate the fuel filler. Love it.

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  1. Dan Crouch says:

    Wow, so awesome. Thanks for sharing the link!


  2. […] * I’ve heard it argued before that if 100,000 people attended a race and just one percent of them took cameras, that’d be 1,000 people with pictures of that race. That’s why we keep seeing great new collections of race photography popping up, such as the excellent color images of 1959′s LeMans recently posted to Ten-Tenths by Cub and Navyflier. (via) […]

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