The Second Best Shape in Italy

The chauvinism of 1960s advertising! You love it in Mad Men, you’ll love it behind the wheel of your Fiat.

“The second best shape in Italy.

at the hottest little price in the USA. You’ve seen the first in films. Now see the Fiat in person. Fiat is the hot one. The Italians did it the way they do most things. With style. With flair. With flourish. And there’s no Germanic thrift showing. This Fiat sport comes with all the extras at not a penny extra. Bucket seats, power brakes, leatherette upholstery, header, defroster, tachometer, dual electric wipers, safety belt anchors, bumper guards, self-canceling turn signals, help-lights and tool kit. And speaking of figures, you can’t even come close to a shape like this at a price so trim and appealing. At $2639, it’s the lowest-priced sports car in its class. Every family should have at least one Fiat.”

Germanic thrift! Safety belt anchors! You can’t come close to a shape like this at such a low price! Every line is pure gold.

One response to “The Second Best Shape in Italy”

  1. rhomp2002 says:

    Had one back in the day. Lovely car. My buddy had an MGA and was forever trying to trade me cars for the day as he like driving my Fiat better. I put 60K miles on it with no problems at all until some beeyotch ran a stop sign turning in front of me just as I got to an intersection and then just move over until she hit me with the tail end of a Buick station wagon right where the door and the frame meet. Bent the frame and twisted the drive line and bent the floorpan. Total loss. I spent 2 years with a lawyer suing her insurance company. I found a replacement car for $800 and their insurance company wanted to pay me $400. It ended up costing them a lot more than that but by then the car I wanted was gone.

    This car rode amazingly well and you could literally start off in 5th gear and it would pull easily. Fun to drive on a winding road. One I wish I had now. Mine was the last year before they replaced it with the 124 Spyder.

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