Porsche Classic Restores a 911T

The team at Porsche Classic, in conjunction with the Porsche Club of America, are restoring a well worn patinaed beat to shit 1973 911T to be raffled off at the August 2011 Porsche Parade. Unlike their usual projects restoring vintage Porsches, they’re documenting the restoration and sharing it on porsche.com. The team recently posted some updates and this series of photos illustrating the gearbox spread out for rebuild are simply gorgeous. Gearboxes are notoriously fear-inducing, but when you lay everything out like this it looks like a manageable, albeit puzzling task.

via Things Organized Neatly

2 responses to “Porsche Classic Restores a 911T”

  1. Jon says:

    I really like this. First it’s a great promotion that Porsche offers this service, and perhaps more importantly it shows that these classic cars can be built and rebuilt indefinitely. It’s a better thing than always running down to the Porsche dealer to get the latest silicon-and-plastic concoction.

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