Available in the UK: Fiat 682 Ferrari Factory Transporter

I bet you thought your toter-home tow rig was as good as it could get. You’ve got the tools, the clean floor, a lcd tv and comfortable bed. Compared to this open-air spartan antique, it’s a palace. Just look at this thing. No covered protection of your racing car. No kitchenette. No queen-sized bed. No Playstation. None of it.

But it’s not even worth comparing which is cooler. Not only is this transporter a living piece of history. It’ll attract more attention than 90% of the Ferraris that will park next to you at the next race weekend. Now that is saying something for a repurposed delivery truck.

Of course, when Carrozzeria Bartoletti rebodied the Fiat sometime between 1957 and 1959, it’s status as an auto racing icon and object of desire saved it from the fate of the other Fiat trucks on the line that day. This transporter hauled a whole lot of Ferrari racing machines during it’s tenure as both Ferrari Factory transporter from 1959 to 1965, and later for the SEFAC Ferrari team from 1965 to 1970. 11 years of Ferrari’s gliding gingerly up and down those ramps. 11 years of schoolboys and their fathers pressing their noses against their car windows as they passed it on the highway; a GTO or Sharknose perched precariously on her roof. 11 years of dreams. 11 years of amazing.

More info—including complete ownership history from new—on Talacrest Ltd.’s Lot Detail Page.

2 responses to “Available in the UK: Fiat 682 Ferrari Factory Transporter”

  1. Steve Boon says:

    Just look at that picture No. 11 on the lot detail page.

    Beats top shelf porn for sex appeal!

  2. […] of the rac­ers I know has this kind of class. The FIAT trans­porter that fer­ried around the Fer­rari cars in the late 1950s isn’t exactly within the bud­getary […]

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