The Most Exacting Requirements of the Motoring Enthusiast

From the Lotus Eleven Sales Brochure:

Lotus Eleven Le Mans. Lotus Eleven Club. Lotus Eleven Sports.

THE LOTUS ELEVEN is a sports-racing car designed to meet the most exacting requirements of the motoring enthusiast. It combines a maximum speed well over 130 m.p.h. (209 k.p.h.) with a rate of acceleration not equaled by any production sports car, yet it can compete favourably with the smallest cars for economy, achieving 65 m.p.g. (4.4 litres per 100 km.) at moderate speeds. The Lotus Eleven is designed entirely for an unrivalled standard of all round performance; its road holding qualities and braking abilities have been proved time after time under racing conditions.

LOW WEIGHT and low drag, mechanical and structural refinement contribute to this paradox of performance. A programme of race development has been pursued over the years following the principles of simplicity and efficiency. The result is a roomy sports two-seater with a performance unequalled anywhere else in the world.

PARTICIPATION with success in such strenous events at the Le Mans 24 hours, the TT, the Sebring 12 hours and literally hundreds of minor events has produced the stamina essential for any successful high performance car. The Lotus offers the essence of motoring sport in all its aspects. Service and spares are readily available throughout a world-wide network of distributors and dealers.

THE LOTUS ELEVEN is available in three versions: the Le Mans model attains the highest standards of performance and is recommended for international competition; it is powered by the Coventry Climax engine has has disc brakes and a de Dion final drive. The Club model is basically similar, having the same engine driving a live axle; it has drum brakes. It is recognized by the S.C.C.A. as a productions sports car. The Sports model has a similar specification to the Club model but it is powered by a Ford 100E 1172 cc. engine. It is eligible as a series production sports car for the Autosport Championship.

In accordance with the company’s progressive policy, the right to alter specifications without notice is reserved.

Hard Top available on all models.

Lotus Engineering Co. Ltd.
Tottenham Lane, London, N.8
Telephone: Mountview 8363 and 4044


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