1956 Visit to the Ferrari Factory

I think this probably isn’t the main assembly area. The windows look different from other period photos I’ve seen of the workshop. Anyone recognize this location? Is it indeed the main factory?

Via Google’s Life Magazine Archive.

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  1. Cris

    It’s the race workshop where all the competition cars were worked on.

  2. Automobiliac

    Those guys are in the midst of bastardizing the Lanci D50, no? I can see one mechanic holding what used to be a side fuel tank in each hand. They had moved the fuel tank to the rear and replaced the outboard tanks with empty fairings, didn’t they?…such a shame.

  3. GP

    Is that a flat 8? I’ve seen flat 12’s and V-8’s from Ferrari before, but don’t remember ever seeing a boxer 8 from any manufacturer let alone the Scuderia. Very cool pics!

  4. Automobiliac

    The D50 had a compact V8. It was a tidy piece of engineering for sure.

  5. Ed Levin

    Automobiliac has it right; they’re Ferrari-modded Lancia D50 F1 cars. And Ferrari moves the tanks inboard, at which point the panniers became simply aero fairings.

    The D50 was a remarkable piece of engineering. It did have a compact V8, angled in the chassis to run the driveshaft next to (rather than under the driver) to lower the Cg. At the rear, unsprung weight was lowered by inboard brakes and vertical coilovers, out of the airstream behind the diff, actuated by pushrods and bell cranks. In 1955.

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