Pinstripes and Porsches

While it may lack the enthusiasm and exuberance of our last look at fashion shoots with racing cars, I have to give Visvim credit for pairing this Carrera RS and 910 with their Spring collection which clearly draws inspiration from the era. The styling and fits are a little dainty for my tastes (I’d like to see these fellows try and climb into the 910 in pants this tight!), but the overall shoot is very nicely done—if a bit sterile. I don’t know when art directors decided that modernity and beauty were best illustrated through disaffected boredom. The 1967 Vogue drag strip shoot is all the more exciting and fun because it captures an atmosphere, it captures excitement, and it captures emotion.

That said, the collection itself has some very nice pieces that jibe well with the vintage racing aesthetic. Their take on a racing jacket meets Baracuta is quite nice in this photo. The highlight of the collection, for me, is the racing boot. It’s surprisingly difficult to find a driving shoe that isn’t in brash colors and heavily logoed, but still looks like a competition boot rather than a driving moccasin. I’d like them even more if they were a true driving shoe, what’s with this little heel and lack of tread on the heel?

More images from this shoot at CadmusFamily.

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