Cars & Cafe: Bringing All the Gearheads Together

Looking at these photos that Alex Bellus captured at last weeks’ Cars & Cafe event in Minnesota reminded me of what makes these informal parking lot get togethers so fantastic. Too often car enthusiasts divide themselves up into little insular groups. Hot rodders, muscle car builders, import tuners, supercar collectors, even vintage racers spend far too much time apart. These meet ups remind me that getting together with fellow car nerds and talking transportation is where the fun is. If there’s a Cars & Coffee event in your area, try and make it out before the season ends, it’s well worth it.

Check out the rest of Alex’ set at his Picasa.

One response to “Cars & Cafe: Bringing All the Gearheads Together”

  1. Vic says:

    Looks like a good meet. Couldn’t agree more about this type of event, the relaxed, unstuffy everyone welcome vibe is nice change from the usual serious car shows.
    Great photography by Alex, very nice indeed.

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