Siata. Craftsmanship, Elegance, and Speed with Safety

Siata. Twenty-five years of skillful craftsmanship, elegance, and speed with safety.

The Siata 1400 GRAND SPORT, sketched above by Farina, is available in a 96-inch wheelbase powered with the “Siata-Fiat 1400 cc” engine and weighing 1650 pounds. The 1390 cc engine develops 65 hp at 5000 rpm. Watch the performance of this car today.

Siata is ready to supply a smaller body and chassis, in this country, without an engine. This automobile is ready for you to install your own Crosley 27 hp engine in it.

Other fine automobiles, pictured below, are available through Siata’s United States distributor.

The Siata engineers have developed a rugged yet light frame, as seen in these pictures of a Diana chassis with the famous Siata-Fiat 1400 cc, 4 cylinder engine with a bore and stroke of 3.22 x 2.59 inches, while the rear is a 3/8 inch narrower. Its fuel tank holds over 14 1/2 gallons. The coupe and convertible models have a five-speed transmission (this fifth speed is overdrive), while the sports model is furnished with a four-speed transmission.

Diana Coupe. Diana Convert. Siata 750. Siata Rally. Siata Competition.

Siata. Tony Pompeo, Fergus Motors, 444 West 55 Street, New York

Via Cliff’s updated and expanded Siata page at Etceterini.

Google shows that this address is the current location of Hutter Auction Galleries, and the building sure looks less glamorous than it must have with Siatas pulling in and out of the showroom. Take a look.

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