Factory at Work: Toyota 2000GT

Like our previous looks into sportscar factories, this shot of the Toyota factory in the late 1960s is equal parts excitement over seeing so many of a favorite model together and a wistful look at missed opportunities. There were only 337 2000GTs built, and I count at least 13 in this shot. Was one of these later chopped to create the one-off spyder model for 007’s You Only Live Twice? Did one of these have it’s bonnet sprayed in bold red or dark blue for the Shelby-Toyota racing effort? Even a plain-Jane 2000GT is a beautiful machine, and seeing so many collected here is a delight.

6 responses to “Factory at Work: Toyota 2000GT”

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  2. Fantastic. One of my ever ever ever favourite cars!

  3. PieterA says:

    Just happen to have seen one last week. Impressive car.


  4. Where did you see that,Pieter?

  5. And by the way beautiful picture!

  6. PieterA says:

    It was at the Spa 6 hours in Francorhamps.

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