Abandoned Detroit Velodrome Becomes a Makeshift Board Track

The disused Detroit Velodrome lit up the blogs a few weeks ago when the Detroit Mower Gang decided that the bicycle heritage of the Motor City should be spruced up a bit. A few volunteers later, the half-mile concrete velodrome was cleared of trash, beer cans, and overgrowth. Surely I’m not the only one who immediately thinks of the Green Hell when I see graffiti on a racing surface?

Thankfully I’m not alone in that feeling that it deserved to be raced on again. Some friends capitalized on the opportunity by taking their motorcycles to the track for a scouting run. While it remains a bit treacherous—there’s a large enough gash in the concrete on part of the track to make high speeds too dangerous—it is certainly rideable.

Can underground board track races be far behind?

Here’s hoping…

6 responses to “Abandoned Detroit Velodrome Becomes a Makeshift Board Track”

  1. Tom Nardone says:


    This is Tom from the Mower Gang. Thanks for using the velodrome. The video is awesome. I am considering having a “run whatcha brung” series of races at the velodrome along with a bonfire in the future. I’ll continue to mow the area, you guys continue to practice and we’ll see what happens.

  2. eric says:

    thanks for mowing Tom. love what you’re doing in and around the city. noble effort man. i’m sure me and the boys would be up for helping keep the place up if you need it.


  3. Kevin Newell says:

    We had a similar derelict concrete outdoor track leftover from the ’84 Olympics but they built an indoor board track over it in the name of progress. Outstanding idea please post video of any racing that takes place.

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  5. Fred Sutton says:

    I hope that this place is on private property. Because when the police see anyone having fun, they put a stop to it. Love the place. Go-carts would be cool too.

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