Somebody Always Wants to Ruin a Good Thing

What a tremendous drag that The Stig’s identity has been outed in British court. I won’t reveal it here, but if you’re interested a search will tell all. Boo!

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  1. rich

    Details, please!

    I don’t want to search, as I will find the answer.

    But I want to know why it went to court?! I haven’t heard anything until now. It seems like I’m out of the loop.

  2. Harlo

    The driver wanted to out himself as The Stig in his autobiography, BBC fought him on it, which is why this came out in court. It’s a short lived revelation, as he’ll no doubt NOT be The Stig for next season.

  3. rich

    it’s a him!? 😉


  4. rick c

    He’s Stig #2, original wore a black suit and helmet. By outing himself in an autobiography he had to break a confidentiality agreement he signed as part of his deal with Top Gear. I guess the search will be on for Stig #3, my vote would go to Sabine Schmit, the master of the Nürburg-Ring who’s been on the show a few times. She’s an amazingly fast driver.

  5. motoring con brio

    a commenter on another blog pointed out what a waste it would be to hide sabine away behind a racing suit and full-visored helmet..

  6. Harlo

    Agreed. Hiding Sabine away would be a shame.

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