Manilla Garage Envy

Lurking around the boards on The Garage Journal is always a great way to completely destroy your productivity. It’s packed with ideas for your next garage project—or fantasy. Abstamaria’s garage in the Philippines is enough to make you go completely mad with envy—at least it was for me. The you-could-eat-off-it floor; the expanding archive shelving for spare parts (!); the endless row of tool storage; it’s modernist nirvana. Corbu would be proud.

The restraint in keeping the walls free from racing posters is beyond the control I’d be able to exhibit, but it serves to make the cars the centerpiece of this space. At first glance, to call it a mere ‘garage’ is almost an insult. The fact that this is a working garage with an impressive array of tools and spares means that to call it a ‘gallery’ is the truer insult. Well done, sir.

Not bad taste in cars either.

2 responses to “Manilla Garage Envy”

  1. Murph says:

    Might be a silly question given the high quality of the facility but any word on that being an authentic Stratos or a replica?

  2. Automobiliac says:

    That archival shelving system is of the hook!

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