Factory at Work: Toyota 2000GT

Like our previous looks into sportscar factories, this shot of the Toyota factory in the late 1960s is equal parts excitement over seeing so many of a favorite model together and a wistful look at missed opportunities. There were only 337 2000GTs built, and I count at least 13 in this shot. Was one of these later chopped to create the one-off spyder model for 007’s You Only Live Twice? Did one of these have it’s bonnet sprayed in bold red or dark blue for the Shelby-Toyota racing effort? Even a plain-Jane 2000GT is a beautiful machine, and seeing so many collected here is a delight.

Guillaume’s Brilliant Historic Spa 6 Hours Photos

Guillaume sent in some of his excellent series of photos from this year’s Historic Spa Six Hours race. I wouldn’t call this magnificent event “under the radar”, but hot on the heels of Monterey week and Goodwood Revival, it’s certainly the more understated event in the autumn. Seeing Guillame’s shots, however, certainly reminds me that it should be discussed in the same breath as these great fall classics. Click on over to Guillaume’s Flickr for the complete set. Thanks Guillaume!

Mercs from Above

James, Prepare the Dino

Goodwood Revival 2010 Video Showing Up Online

Nice View

Stefan Marjoram’s Goodwood Gallery

Stefan Marjoram sent along his set of photos (and sketches!) from Friday’s session of the Goodwood Revival. Stefan thought he wasn’t going to make it out to the track, but by happenstance he found his Friday open up and picked up a ticket at the last minute. This is good news for all of us, because he has a marvelous eye for capturing the atmosphere and spirit of this world’s greatest historic meeting. The focus here on the participants, spectators, and the paddocks is so evocative of the romance of Goodwood, and makes me want to drag myself across the pond for next year’s event all the more.

I’ve long been a reader of Stefan’s sketch blog, so it was double the treat to receive these photos from him. Click on over to Stefan’s Flickr for the complete set. Thanks, Stefan!

Racecar Shed


Getting Around Goodwood

Those of you heading to the Goodwood Revival this weekend might find this handy. This iPhone app released by the event organizers offers a venue map and calendar of events. It’s simple, yes, but might prove invaluable if you need to make it to a good corner in time for Saturday’s Madgwick Cup race or know what time to look up to see the P-51 Mustang fly-by.

If you’re heading to Goodwood—controlling seething envy—be sure to send some photos our way. We have to live vicariously through someone after all.