More Eye Candy from the Nürburgring Old-Timer GP

Karsten Arndt (aka: Farbild) wrote in with a link to their great set of photos from the Nurburgring’s OldTimer GP. I think it continues to prove how photogenic the Nürburgring really is. What I particularly like about this set is when day turns to night. It’s incredibly rare (unheard of even?) to have a night vintage race in the States, with the Old-Timer GP, the Spa 6 Hours, and LeMans Classic, Europe definitely has a leg up on racing that’s more true to the origins of the endurance racers that only participate in sprints in the States. Accentuating the divide, many American vintage weekends have an “endurance” heat that is a 1 hour race. I suspect that fussy neighbors keep Lime Rock or Road America from hosting a night race, but what a marvel it would be. Click on over to Karsten’s site for the complete set.

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