Reader Photos: More Young Scarabs

Call it a Scarab overload if you like, but the hits just keep coming. Richard Reventlow wrote in with this marvelous photo of his half-brother Lance in his Scarab. Palm Springs, maybe? (Richard says it’s Riverside). Thanks, Richard!

And Steve, who sent us his father, Alfred Cournoyer’s photos of the Scarabs last week, dug the rest of the shots out of the shoebox and sent them in. Thanks again, Steve!

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  1. Phil1

    Pic #1 sure looks like the Palm Springs Airport. Riverside had lots of fencing, stands etc around the start/finish.

  2. scroggzilla

    Any idea what year Richard’s photo was taken?

  3. Harlo

    Commenters here on The Chicane and on Facebook seem to think that Richard’s first instinct was right and this photo was indeed taken at Palm Springs.

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