Maserati’s Sheer Sensual Pleasure

“The sheer sensual pleasure of handling it simply cannot be put into words.

This was John Bolster’s reaction, after his Autosport road test on the Maserati Merak. We agree. Its handling qualities have to be tried to be believed.

Merak comfort is easier to explain. Unlike some mid-engined cars, the Merak is designed with comfort in mind. The quietness of the ride is exceptional. Instrumentation is easy to read: one glance tells all.

The 2965cc V6 Merak is a classic investment. See your dealer for a Merak, Bora, Khamsin or Citroen SM test drive. Or write: Maserati, Dept H1, Mill St, Slough SL25DE”

Good to know that Maserati trusted their 1970s advertising copywriting to a 14 year old boy.

2 responses to “Maserati’s Sheer Sensual Pleasure”

  1. Jon says:

    Given that the 14-year old was doing quality control, might have made sense to entrust their copywriting to him as well.

  2. And then BMW came up with: “Sheer driving pleasure” 😉

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