Happier Days for Team Scarab

We’ve been focusing too much on the Scarab crash and it’s bumming us out. We need an antidote, stat!

Right on cue, Steve Cournoyer wrote in: “All this Scarab business had me remembering a few photos taken by my father at Thompson Speedway round about 1958”. This shot captured by Steve’s father, Alfred Cournoyer helps set everything right with the world today.

Here’s another from a very happy day for the team. Chuck Daigh (#5) and Lance Reventlow (#16) finished 1, 2 at this outing for the Scarabs at Meadowdale Raceway in Illinois, September 1958. Via the Life archives.

Finally, here’s Augie Pabst at the wheel at Meadowdale in ’62.

There, I know I’m starting to feel better.

2 responses to “Happier Days for Team Scarab”

  1. Automobiliac says:

    Did you know that the famous “Von Dutch” actually did the pinstriping on these cars? I thought that was a cool footnote!

  2. […] Steve, who sent us his father, Alfred Cournoyer’s photos of the Scarabs last week, dug the rest of the shots out of the shoebox and sent them in. Thanks again, […]

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