Scarab Crash Photo Sequence

Well, the video may be gone for now, but thankfully, H.A.M.B. member Toner283 found these fantastic Dean Burnside-Machado photos. He was in the perfect spot at the perfect time.

Notice how ‘Ol Yaller spins a full 360° through the center of this catastrophe without a touch and keeps on going. That must have been a heartstopper.

Dean Burnside-Machado posted in the comments that these were pulled from a larger collection of 25 photos on his facebook page here. Thanks Dean!

3 responses to “Scarab Crash Photo Sequence”

  1. Dean Burnside-Machado says:

    I’m Dean Burnside-Machado and I have a series of 25 pictures posted on my Facebook page showing the accident. We’re all glad John is A-O.K.!

  2. geo gallo says:

    Looks like the straight between turns 4 ,d d but how dis the fotog get such a high angle ?

  3. rich says:

    It’s Turn 1, right after the green flag.

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