Shotgun at the Mille

There are benefits to having renowned photographer Louis Klemantaski as your navigator when you’re competing in the 1957 Mille Miglia. Peter Collins’ Ferrari 335 Sport didn’t quite make it back to Brescia after suffering a driveshaft failure 5 hours in, but at least he had this astounding photograph to show for his efforts.

Seems like a pretty fair trade to me.

In the comments, Richard found another of Louis’ shots from the Mille that’s definitely worth sharing. Thanks, Richard!

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  1. Klemantaski was the greatest racing photographer ever. Have you ever seen his picture of Ferrari’s at Rouen Les Essarts? Or Fangio cornering a Lancia D50 incredibly close to the curb at Monaco? Or even his picture of the left fender of Collins’ ferrari at the same event pictured above?

    The man was a genius…

  2. Richard Scroggs says:

    From what is probably the same roll of film as the Klemantaski shot shown above

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