Moss’s new Porsche RS61 Crashes out of Monterey Reunion

Oh No! Sir Stirling is ok, but in reasonably poor spirits after his car was involved in a crash during this year’s Monterey races. reports that “On Stirling’s out lap the car stepped out a wheel onto the grass putting it off the circuit, albeit without coming into contact with the barriers. A second car, also on its warm-up lap, left the circuit and hit the RS 61. Happily Stirling was unhurt, the car however suffered considerable damage, rendering it undriveable for the rest of the Monterey weekend.”

What a shame that this debut outing for Moss in the RS61 he purchased earlier in the year will also be the season’s last. Indications are that the car is repairable.

From other reports on the incident, it appears that the other car mentioned was John Morton’s ’58 Scarab. Morton was taken to hospital, but climbed from the car on his own and waved to the crowd before climbing into the ambulance. From the looks of this photo, it doesn’t look too good for the Scarab itself. Hopefully it too will be repairable.

As Sean points out in the comments, the Moss and Morton crashes were entirely separate incidents. It seems obvious now that the Scarab and Porsche would be in different races but I guess this is what I get for trying to follow along on the weekend’s events from 2 time zones away. I’m sorry for mixing that up.

More updates on the incident as I hear more.

5 responses to “Moss’s new Porsche RS61 Crashes out of Monterey Reunion”

  1. Dan Mullin says:

    So do you think Sir Stirling and John Morton will be penalized by the 13/13 rule? HELL NO!

  2. Automobiliac says:

    Good lord. That poor Scarab is really wrecked! I am impressed the driver wasn’t seriously hurt.

  3. Doug says:

    The 13/13 Rule no longer exists at Monterey – that was Steve Earle, God Bless, protecting the cars.
    Now they will let anything run. fakes, re-creations, modified, and drivers with NO racing experience! It’s sad to see it’s no longer about the “cars” – just the owners.

  4. Sean says:

    The Moss and Morton wrecks were in completely different races. Under 2-litre Porsches do not race with V8-powered Scarabs…

  5. Dukecati says:

    The Scarab crash was in no way the fault of Morton’s. He was hit by a Lister Chevy that bounced off the wall and into his left rear side, launching the Scarab.

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