Laurent Nivalle’s Stunning LeMans Classic Photo Set

What I wouldn’t give for even half of Laurent Nivalle’s eye for capturing beautifully composed shots on the fly. Any one of these shots would be a worthy photo shoot that would please any photographer and art director. A team of award winning shooters, ADs, photography assistants, lighting technicians, stylists, and a catering team could not capture the beauty of the LeMans classic any better. That Nivalle caught these shots on the fly, at a second’s notice, and managed to craft these magnificent compositions is quite an accomplishment. They’re all so good that I had trouble selecting just a few to whet you’re appetite. Click over to Laurent’s site for the complete set—they’re just gorgeous. via Grain Edit.

3 responses to “Laurent Nivalle’s Stunning LeMans Classic Photo Set”

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  2. Matthew says:

    Simply wonderful. Think he’d sell prints?

  3. […] of brilliant photography from Europe in the past couple of weeks (Laurent Nivalle’s fantastic LeMans Classic shots), I’m convinced that—for all their faults—the big European tracks offer some simply […]

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