Reader Photos: So-Cal ’59

Asked and answered. Not only was a generous reader good enough to send in this excellent photo, but had an answer for me on my musings on the sensation of waving the checkers.

Marty wrote with this marvelous photo on himself manning the flag in 1959. He says, “I never noticed the wind as the cars went by, but that is a much younger me. Taken about 1959 in SoCal. Not sure of the track, but it was a CSCC event.”

Thanks Marty, for the marvelous shot! Anyone recognize the track? Those mountains in the background should help. Palm Springs, maybe?

Keep those old photos and film cans coming!

3 responses to “Reader Photos: So-Cal ’59”

  1. Chris says:

    In my (non-pro) opinion the mountains in the background look a little further north than Palm Springs.

  2. Mike Jacobsen says:

    Chris is correct–it is not Palm Springs, nor is it Santa Barbara nor Santa Maria. The rolling hills and single Eucalyptus don’t look like any track I can recall. It does appear to be an airport circuit. MJ

  3. John says:

    Could it be Vacaville CA

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