24h Spa Francorchamps 1971

Marvelous footage of the ’71 24h Spa. Keep your eyes peeled for the winning #22 Dieter Glemser/Alex Soler-Roig Ford Capri RS 2600.

More photos at touringcarracing.net.

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  1. Gaby von Oppenheim

    Das ist ja super…..-.

  2. Edmund

    Ick! Look at all those aweful sedans and yank tanks. It’s like watching a NASCAR road race. Just my opinion.

  3. Ben

    Brilliant! The heyday of saloon car racing. Such broad grids are now extinct. Fancy, Alfa GTAs and GTAm’s, six cylinder Capris and 8 cylinder Mercs and Camaros! Bring it back…

  4. ted byrnes


  5. Mike Jacobsen

    Notice how many new safety barriers and wider road since they filmed those scenes for “Grand Prix”–the cows at 2.40 are near where the horrendous wreck scene was filmed.

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