Vive la France!

Meals and Wheels took part in the Tour Auto 2010 and captured some absolutely stunning images. Gaby has a fantastic eye for everything from the details of the cars collected in the shadow the Eiffel Tower for the kickoff event to the battles for the checkers at Magny-Cours and everything in between. She photographed the event beautifully. I’d heard the name Tour Auto mentioned here and there, but never realized what a fantastic collection of cars assembled for the part rally, part race, part rolling car show.

What a tremendous event, starting in Paris before heading south to the Mediterranean with stops in Fontainebleau, Vichy, Lyon, Megéve, Aix en Provence; with a spin or two around such storied French racetracks as Magny-Cours, Charade, and Circuit de Bresse. And from the looks of it, these are no mere parade laps. Fantastique! Gaby’s shots capture the amazing field that takes on the event, with some of the most desirable and rare vehicles collected in such numbers that you almost forget how very rare they are.

It looks like an astounding experience; as if the Carrera Panamericana stopped for additional course races along the way. I’ve just added it to my “must do someday” list alongside Goodwood and the Mille Miglia. For now though, I’m happy just to live the event through these fantastic photos.

Head on over for the complete set.

2 responses to “Vive la France!”

  1. Jon says:

    Remarkable photo essay – thanks for posting. I get the sense Europeans drive and enjoy their vintage sports car more than we do here in the New World.

  2. And I think you Americans drive and enjoy them more..
    Crazy world.

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