Catalina Grand Prix

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  1. John McClure says:


  2. woody says:

    Not sure when this footage was from, but the race was run from 1951-1958. Then stopped because the city felt it was attracting an unwanted element to the island. Oh, and the mayor got mugged the night after the GP, and Lee Marvin got drunk and tried to commandeer the steamer on the way back to L.A.

    BIG NEWS – The city council last week granted the AMA district 37 a one time permit to hold a Grand Prix again this December, 2010. I have no other details as to what rules it will run under, or what classes, or anything. But the local Catalina paper said if it goes well this year, it may become a recurring event!

  3. Woody says:

    The website has been updated, and registration and sign up info is posted:

    Basically it will cost you $250 to enter, including shipping the bike. Full modern classes. Vintage, classic, and evolution classes, as well as AHRMA based Premier Lwt, Premier 500, and Premier twins. Only intermediate and expert rider classes. Send in your application, including AMA number and a list of recent events and finishes and wait till next month to know if you make the cut.

    I sent my application in yesterday.

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