“It is Marvelous to Go Very Fast”

3 responses to ““It is Marvelous to Go Very Fast””

  1. pbryantr says:

    That’s my favorite line too. Lisa is such a wonderful character — so carefree and full of life. Without her, the movie would be pretty dull.

  2. sixergixer says:

    Well, it didn’t hurt that she was so very pretty.

  3. FH fan says:

    She’s also had a huge 50-year career as a singer and songwriter, selling millions of records, right up to the present. Some early favorites: Ton Meilleur Ami, C’est a l’amour auquel j’pense, Bati Mon Nid, and many, many others. It was a lost opportunity when they didn’t interview her for the Grand Prix DVD reissue; it would have been interesting to get her retrospective on the whole thing.

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