The Margin Between Champagne and Orangeade

5 responses to “The Margin Between Champagne and Orangeade”

  1. Chris says:

    Firmly believe this to be Clark’s best drive (maybe the 23B debut at the Ring too). Who comes from that far back at the pre-chicane Monza? Brilliant.

  2. Cliff Reuter says:

    Great race/video. The music is brutal and who is the
    lady they keep showing (not a playmate by any stretch)?

  3. Steve Boon says:

    Video is from the Ford Motor film ‘First Time Out’ (I think it was titled) about the ’67 F1 season of Lotus using the then all new DFV Cosworth.

    The lady is Betty Hill.

  4. Edmund says:

    Fantastic stuff.

  5. Jim Sitz says:

    Hillclimb located east side of Hwy 101, called Philips ranch(owner planned real paved course but found more profit in new tract homes
    Exit for Hillclimb was Chesebrough road

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